Calibrate Clinical Pilates Education

Calibrate Clinical Pilates Education began as small workshops for groups of physiotherapists who wanted to expand their knowledge of Pilates for rehabilitation. In the early days, the focus of these workshops was the application of Pilates repertoire to specific joints or pathologies. 

It soon became apparent that many clinicians were frustrated that their prior education and experience was overlooked when they sought to undertake more comprehensive Pilates training: participants were still required to work through many “levels” of training before rehabilitation was even discussed. Despite hours of training in basic anatomy, these rehabilitation professionals were essentially learning exercises by rote, rather than learning how the exercises could be adapted and applied in a clinical environment.

Our Journey

Listening to these frustrations, Kobi began to build a course that would be adaptable and useful for rehab practitioners. The first iteration of a Calibrate Pilates course was delivered in 2016, and there have been a lot of changes since then. (#teachingislearning, after all.)

These days, as ever, Calibrate Clinical Pilates Education courses seek to build on the prior education and experience of all rehabilitation professionals. The courses encourage each practitioner to integrate Pilates into their own paradigm for therapy and bodywork.

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Calibrate Clinical Pilates Education has now trained chiropractors, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and exercise physiologists on how to integrate Pilates into their own clinical practice. Each course is refined and adapted, based on feedback from our participants to ensure that we can appropriately support our growing community.

We look forward to learning with you soon.

- The Calibrate Community -

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