Build Your Core Practice.



At Calibrate Pilates, we understand that you are a unique and talented practitioner.

You have many accomplishments, and a variety of tools in your toolbox. But maybe you feel like there’s something missing: Perhaps you wish you had a better grasp of exercise prescription and movement analysis? Maybe you’re struggling to help your clients reach their final goals? Enter Clinical Pilates (also known as Rehabilitation or Rehab Pilates).

Originally developed as a set of exercises to improve health and wellness, Pilates has been successfully used in rehabilitation and injury management for many years. Classical Pilates exercises explore many functional movements, and the Pilates equipment opens up a wealth of opportunities for individualised exercise prescription.


Calibrate Clinical Pilates Education courses are built on your foundation: we are here to guide your skill development, so that you can improve your patient outcomes.

We offer a variety of courses for rehab practitioners and Pilates instructors, from introductory courses to comprehensive clinical Pilates training. We’re excited to learn with you.  #teachingislearning


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May 28, 2021

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