Pilates instructor training for rehabilitation professionals.

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Clinical Pilates

Traditional Pilates equipment and repertoire has so much potential for use in a clinical setting, from both rehabilitation and injury management perspectives. Clinical Pilates takes the principles of traditional Pilates: breath, concentration, precision, control, flow, and centering, and adapts the movement practice for therapy; this is Pilates for rehabilitation professionals.

With the incredible breadth of exercises and repertoire from traditional Pilates, it is perplexing that Pilates is not more widely used in a clinical setting.

However, most Pilates instructor training courses require participants to work through many "levels" before they even touch on its rehabilitation potential. There is a pervasive opinion that practitioners must master mat work before using equipment, and learn to work with healthy individuals before providing therapy.

As clinicians, you already possess many of the skills that these courses are developing. Why not dive right in to Pilates instructor training that has been designed by rehabilitation professionals, for rehabilitation professionals?




Instructor Training

CALIBRATE Clinical Pilates Instructor Training is built on the understanding that you, as a rehabilitation professional, already have a strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, and pathology.  Our Clinical Pilates Instructor Training allows you to build your core practice through integration of new rehabilitation tools with your strong therapy background.


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