Clinical Pilates Instructor Training:
Course information


CALIBRATE Clinical Pilates Instructor Training details the principles of the Pilates method and how these have evolved with our growing knowledge of human movement. Participants will learn mat, reformer, trapeze table, and wunda chair repertoire, with an emphasis on the clinical application of exercises.

The objective of this course is to facilitate the teaching of Pilates for rehabilitation through clinical reasoning and critical thinking. Through clinical scenarios, participants will learn indications, progressions, modifications and contraindications to Pilates exercises. Upon completion of this course, participants will be confident in applying the clinical skills of movement analysis, imagery, verbal and tactile cueing, as well as rehabilitation and injury prevention using Pilates techniques.

Calibrate Pilates - Teaching Reformer Single Leg Press

Course Outline

History of Pilates

Principles of movement


Functional anatomy


The powerhouse (core)

The spine/thorax complex

The complex upper extremity

The complex lower extremity


Mechanics and biomechanics

Movement analysis

Postural assessment


Motor control and motor learning

Cueing and imagery

Neuromuscular facilitation


Pre-Pilates repertoire

Traditional Pilates mat work repertoire

The Reformer repertoire

The Trapeze Table/Cadillac repertoire

The Wunda Chair repertoire

Teaching principles

Adult learning principles


Training principles

Program construction


Population case studies



Calibrate Pilates - Reformer Skating Series

Course Format

Emphasis is on an interactive and practical learning environment. Lectures, readings, take-home assignments and case-studies will accompany hands-on skill development. 100 hours of classroom instruction are included. 

Case Studies

Participants will be required to complete a case study over the five-month period of the course, working with one client for a minimum of 20 hours. A write-up and discussion of the case study will be submitted each month.

Teaching Hours

Participants will be required to complete a total of 50 hours of Clinical Pilates teaching. These hours can be individual or group-based. Hours committed to case studies are applicable.

Personal Practice

Participants will be required to log a total of 50 personal Pilates practice hours. These hours can be individual or group classes and practice, but cannot be mat work classes alone. Previous Pilates experience will be assessed on an individual basis.

Observation Hours

Participants will be required to log a total of 30 observation hours, at a minimum of three different Pilates studios.


A certificate of course completion will be awarded when participants have completed all of the required component hours of the course.



The course is open to practitioners with a scope of practice that includes therapeutic exercise, including physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, osteopaths, and rehabilitation assistants. Tertiary-level knowledge of anatomy & physiology is assumed.