Clinical Pilates in Practice: Motor Learning & Gait (September 2022)

This research was designed to validate a simple, low-cost push-off retraining protocol in healthy participants based on task-specific training that could be implemented during overground walking in the clinic. 


Bertrand-Charette M, Nielsen JB, Bouyer LJ (2021) A simple, clinically applicable motor learning protocol to increase push-off during gait: A proof-of-concept. PLoS ONE 16(1): e0245523.



  • Gait control is often compromised after neural injury.
  • Error-based motor learning protocols can improve overall walking ability in neurologically impaired populations.
  • Experimentally-controlled error-based motor learning is a potential protocol for training motor recovery after injury.

Reduced push-off force is a prevalent gait impairment, which correlates to a reduced gait speed and limits mobility and activities of daily living.

  • Applying controlled perturbations during gait in the laboratory setting can induce...
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