Research Roundup: July 2020


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Footwear Alters Lower Extremity Coordination Variability

Romer, Braden H., Wendi Weimar, and John Fox. "Footwear Alters Lower Extremity Coordination Variability." Perceptual and Motor Skills 126, no. 5 (2019), 764-778. doi:10.1177/0031512519863183.

This was a small study gauging the influence of footwear on motor coordination, and thus results are not transferable across populations. However, the findings are interesting from a clinical perspective, as this adds to information re: training for functional tasks with appropriate footwear.


Key Points

  • Footwear, footwear components, and tactile feedback are capable of producing significant changes in gait mechanics and lower extremity muscle activity.
  • The amplitude and...
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