Clinical Conversation: Alternate Grips for Upper Limb Rehab (June 2022)

This transcript includes highlights from the live, interactive session of our Clinical Conversation: Alternate Grips for Upper Limb Rehab. 

If you missed the live webinar, you can read about using alternate grips for upper limb rehab in your clinical Pilates practice, below. 

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  • Grip and Grasp Anatomy: The carpals.
    • The carpus is designed to increase the tension in the tendons of the fingers (both extensors and flexors) and optimise these movements.
    • The proximal row are functionally separate from the distal row.
    • Flexion of the wrist initially occurs between these two rows, with the scaphoid acting as a bridge, so that in the final stage of flexion the whole carpus moves as a single unit.
    • The same occurs in...
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